Welcome Back to School 2019 – 2020

Welcome Back to School Stemmers Run Families! This is the online version of Summer Newsletter highlighting important information about this school year. We encourage you to read the version that was sent in the mail, as it contains all the information found online, and more.  Please review this information with your student and make note of the school events listed below. Feel free to contact the main office with any questions you may have.


Grade 6 & New Parent Information Night August 28, 2019 6:00PM – 7:00PM

Grade 6 Orientation Half-Day August 30, 2019 8:25AM – 11:55AM

1 st Day of School – September 3, 2019

Back to School Night September 11, 2019 6:00PM – 8:00PM


Students will receive the Annual Student Information Review form the first day of school. Please be sure that it is updated, including an e-mail address for each parent/guardian and student cell phone number, and sent back with your child as soon as possible. Please write any changes OR check the No Changes box on the top right side of the form, parents need to sign the form, and return it back to school before September 13, 2019. Our goal is to keep student emergency contact information up-to-date. This will allow accurate emergency calls, and School Messenger Communicate will use the phone numbers and e-mails pre-populated from this student contacts page to send out important messages from the Principal. If a change needs to occur on the student’s contact list during the school year, please contact the front office immediately. 


BCPS One is a key initiative that provides a fully integrated system bringing together all of the district's programs and initiatives around student data, assessments, curriculum, instruction, reporting and analysis into a single user-friendly platform. Through BCPS One, parents/guardians can view their student’s grades, assignments, and email teachers in the Learning Management System tile, view attendance, report cards, and update privacy preferences in the Student Information tile, and get the latest BCPS information in the Communication Center tile. To access BCPS One, parents must first update the Annual Student Information Review form with an e-mail address for each parent/guardian. Once the e-mail address has been updated in the Student Information System (SIS), the parent/guardian will receive an e-mail with instructions and a link to activate a new BCPS One Parent account. Parents/guardians also can list additional people on the student’s contact form to grant view only access. 


You can now pay online for SRMS Activities! PE Uniforms, field trips, etc. Credit and Debit cards accepted
• Are you tired of making an extra trip to school to make a purchase?
• Are you tired of sending your kids to school with cash that they misplace?
• Would you rather make a payment anytime from the comfort of your own home?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, please visit our new payment site where you can now pay your student’s school fees by debit or credit card online using a web browser from any location, 24 hours a day, on our online payment site, which is found in the "Quick Links" section on the main page of this website. 


Online purchases, exact cash and money orders made payable to SRMS are the acceptable payment methods. 

Physical Education Uniforms

Uniforms may be purchased during the Grade 6 Parent Information Night, Grade 6 Orientation, and Back to School Night OR any morning before school starts in the gym lobby. Online School Payments are preferred. They can be made using the link found in the "Quick Links" section on the main page of this website.


Exact cash, online payments and money orders payable to SRMS are acceptable payment methods.

 Shirts $11.00

Shorts $ 9.00

SIZES: Adult Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large 2X (costs $1.00 more per piece) 3X (costs $2.00 more per piece) 4X (costs $3.00 more per piece) shirts only

Prices subject to change


Lunch prices will remain the same for the 2019 – 2020 school year. Lunch will cost $3.00 for secondary schools; approved reduced-price lunches will be at NO COST this year. Applications for free and reduced lunch must be submitted each school year. Applications are available in the main office and online at, and can be submitted online for immediate processing or returned to the main office. All applications should be completed by October 16, 2019. Stemmers Run Middle School will again participate in Maryland Meals for Achievement this year. ALL students enrolled at Stemmers Run Middle School will receive a free breakfast. Inquiries can be directed to the Food & Nutrition Office at 443-809-7855.


Baltimore County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services have partnered with Heartland School Solutions to bring you MySchoolBucks, a convenient way to add funds to student lunch accounts. Using this online portal, you can prepay for your student’s lunches. Visit to create an account or contact the school for more information. 


The Activity/Late bus services students three (3) days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The bus runs each full day (no half days) that school is in session, beginning in September 17 (more information will be forthcoming). The bus is available to ALL students zoned for Stemmers Run MS who normally ride a bus home from school. Students may choose to stay after school to participate in a club, sport, or coach class to work with a teacher (must be prearranged). You will notice that the Activity/Late bus stops, in most cases, are not as close to your home as the regular school bus. A bus pass is required to ride the bus. Bus passes are obtained from the staff member who is sponsoring the after school activity.

Activity/Late Bus Stops:

• Hawthorne E.S. • Orems E.S. • Essex E.S. • Mars Estates E.S. • Wilson Pt. Rd. and Dogwood Dr.


Stemmers Run Middle School offers many after school clubs and sports programs throughout the year. Some of the available clubs include Talent/Drama, Robotics, Student Council, MESA, Chess, and Newspaper to name a few. The sports programs offered are Badminton, Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis, and Track & Field, each taking place during their respective season Fall, Winter, or Spring. The sports teams compete against other BCPS Middle Schools both home and away. Busses are provided for away games/meets. A list of the clubs and sports being offered will be in the front office in early October as well as announced during morning announcements at the beginning of each school day.


During the course of the school year, teachers will provide students with the opportunity to obtain extra help in Coach Classes. This educational program is designed to provide students with extra help in whatever subject they may need additional assistance. Each classroom teacher will be available for at least one day before school, after school or during lunch on a weekly basis to provide this assistance for students. Students must sign up for Coach Class with the teacher and then attend the class to receive the additional help. Most of the classes will meet on selected Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:55PM – 4:00PM. A permission slip is required for all students staying after school. Please feel free to contact your child’s teachers at any time during the school year for additional information about a particular Coach Class. 


At Stemmers Run Middle School, part of our mission is to make sure that students are safe and that they feel safe each and every day. Students cannot learn at optimal levels if they are worried about threats or pressures from others. Both Stemmers Run Middle staff and Baltimore County Public Schools take bullying and intimidation seriously.  If you believe that your child is a victim of bullying, harassment or intimidation, please contact a school administrator with your concern so we can help you in accessing the bullying, harassment, and intimidation form. Please submit the form and return a printed copy to the school office, addressed to the principal’s attention.


Bus evacuation drills are conducted twice a year (September and February). All students will participate in the drills unless parents/guardians state in writing to Mr. Lige, Assistant Principal, they do not want their child to participate in the bus evacuation drills due to medical reasons. 


Students may NOT wear the following items:

• Any clothing that makes reference to drugs, alcohol, violence or illegal activities
• Halter tops, one-shoulder tops & strapless dresses
• Sleeveless tops for girls must be two finger lengths wide (bra straps should not be showing)
• Muscle shirts or boys tanks where the chest area is visible from the side
• Hats/scarves on head or on the body (except for religious purposes)
• Heavy coats/jackets, etc. inside the building; must be kept in assigned lockers
• Large or high heels and slippers/slide in shoes or any footwear that does not have a heel strap o With so main stairs in our building, inappropriate footwear can be hazardous
• Shorts/skirts/leggings that are too tight, see through or too short (length can be determined by placing your child’s arm by their side and having them make a fist. If the shorts/skirts are shorter than the placement of the fist – they are too short for school)
• Hoods, hats, sunglasses, or anything that conceals a person's identity may not be worn in the building Please note that students who are not dressed appropriately will be asked to change or contact a parent/guardian for appropriate clothing. 


Daily attendance at school is critical for academic success for each student. If a student misses a lot of time from school, keeping up with daily assignments or long-term projects can be very difficult. Students are expected to maintain satisfactory attendance at the state standard of 94% and students should not exceed an absence rate of 10% in any given quarter. Stemmers Run MS requests that parents/guardians notify the school if your child is going to be absent from school for more than 2 days. Written documentation should be sent to your child’s homeroom teacher upon his or her return to school following an absence to properly update your child’s attendance. If a long-term absence is expected due to illness or any other extenuating circumstance, please contact the guidance office at 443-809-0180 or your child’s grade level administrator. The communication between parents/guardians and the school is crucial to ensure the success of each student. Should a student’s attendance become a concern throughout the school year, Stemmers Run MS will implement interventions to assist with improving the student’s attendance. Under the Maryland Compulsory Attendance Law, parents/guardians are accountable for the attendance of students between the ages of 5 and 17 years of age. Further information about daily attendance can be found on the BCPS website under Our System, Policies & Rules.