Title I

Title I Documents

Principal: Kristi Allan

Assistant Principal(s):

6th- Madeleine Phillips

7th- David Lige

8th- Vincent  Piscopo 

Community Schools Facilitator: ShaKara Head

Care Liaison: Ruth Malick

Title I Coordinator: Briana McReynolds


Parents and Guardians, All Title I schools engage families in the shared decision-making process. Schools also provide families with information to understand and support student academic achievement. The purpose of this compact is to explain the roles and responsibilities of teachers, families, students, and the community. Through this collaboration, we will support student success and achievement. Please read this Family Engagement Compact and provide feedback for future compact revisions. Also, provide suggestions for future professional learning opportunities for families and school members to participate in and work as equal partners. We look forward to working together to make this a successful school year for students, families, and teachers. Thank you, The Stemmers Run Team School staff will be accessible to parents from 8:10 am -3:25 pm via conferences, email, or phone. The Title I Office will offer schools ongoing support with the implementation of Family Engagement strategies and programs during school visits and professional learning sessions.


As a school, we will share the responsibility to improve academic achievement and achieve the state’s high standards by setting high expectations for our students:


Parents are invited to participate in workshops and activities to support student achievement v Create a welcoming, positive, and safe learning environment.  Communicate regularly with students and families regarding progress. 

Provide parent-teacher conferences in the fall to discuss the Compact and student achievement.

Provide families a variety of opportunities to be engaged in their child’s learning through family nights and attending meetings.

AT HOME Families will:

Encourage independent reading at home and facilitate book discussions. 

Use foundational skills and comprehension strategies learned from educational workshops. 

Use mathematics foundational skills learned from educational workshops. 

Use social emotional and restorative practice strategies learned from educational workshops. 

Increase parents understanding on how to access Schoology and other resources. v

Review homework assignments, classwork assignments and Schoology for student grades weekly. 

Try to attend or send a representative to attend family events.

AT SCHOOL Students will: 

Come to school every day, on time and be prepared to do my best. 

Practice math facts for mastery and review math concepts to help with problem solving, critical thinking, and communicating concepts. 

Use instructional reading strategies to support text being read in and outside of school. 

Tell a family member something new you learned in school each week. v Complete classroom and homework assignments. 

Ask for help from teachers and family when having trouble with schoolwork or peers. 

Bring home communications from school.

AT THE SCHOOL BUILDING The school will Offer workshops that helps families understand BCPS and state curriculum and assessments.

PARTNERSHIPS Our school partners with the following programs to increase family engagement by coordinating and integrating outreach, training opportunities, and resources for the school community.


Judy Center Aliza Brandwine Center